For the future

As a client, you can expect that interiors and furniture created are built to last. We always promote the use of renewable resources and strive to work with FSC certified material, LED lighting and other sustainable materials. To create functional and beautiful interior solutions, any combination of the following materials are possible:

•    Veneer & solid wood
•    Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
•    Laminate & compact laminate
•    Stone - natural, composite
•    Natural acrylic stone (HI-MACS®)
•    Metal
•    Glass
•    Leather or material
•    Finishes of oil, lacquer, hand or spray painting
•    and many more to meet your needs

Jonas Davidsson Finsnickeri is certified for the manufacture and installation of HI-MACS® products and provides a 15 year warranty for solid surface material.